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welcome to the michigan rice forum, if you are a new member, returning member or plan on registering, be sure to introduce your self to the forum in the NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE area of the forum. thanks again for visiting - blackvtecEG (forum admin.)

the michigan car forum thats all about honads and acuras
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hello and welcome to the michigan rice forum


 rules of the forum

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PostSubject: rules of the forum   rules of the forum EmptyThu 30 Jul 2009, 1:17 pm

welcome to the forum, as many of you may know xceedspeed has many rules, some that are valuble and others that are just plain fuckin stupid. this forum dosent have many rules but i ask that you please follow them. rule #1, if you are selling something you may "bump" it 3 times per day, unlike xceed who only allows one per day. rule #2 if you are going to post something in the theater (videos) or photos, i ask that you keep it worksafe (save the porn for at home). rule #3 dont be racist or prejudice to anyone. rule #4 if you have an issue with someone, i dont care if you express your anger in a forum topic, i just ask that you dont have a 3 page bitch fit. rule #5 have fun and enjoy the forum rules of the forum 638788

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rules of the forum
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